2 The Douay-Rheims translation The Latin Vulgate was, for many years, the only official Catholic edition of the Bible, and an English translation known as the Douay-Rheims was finally published in 1609 AD. The Whole Bible Story: Everything That Happens In The Bible In Plain English. Plain English Catholic Explanations Rating Required. The Whole Bible Story: Everything that Happens in the Bible in Plain English by Dr. William H. Marty is a book that endeavors to give you a summarized version of the narrative history in the Bible. Get our free eBook, Real Hope for Troubled Times, and be filled with comforting words of encouragement and peace from GOD’S WORD. Most well-known English Holy Bible translations were produced using the traditional approach to translation which is called form equivalence. The Douay–Rheims Bible (pronounced / ˌ d uː eɪ / or / ˌ d aʊ. One of the most popular Catholic Bibles is … We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. The Douay-Rheims version, which predates the King James by a couple of years (the complete KJV was published in 1611, but the complete Douay-Rheims in 1609), was the standard Bible for English-speaking Catholics until the twentieth century. The Modern Literal Versions strongest feature is its consistency in translating the original Greek word into the same English word(s) every time and not using the same English word … Preface and other non-bible sections to familiarize yourself with the MLV’s style of translation. All users need besides is their own Bible. In fact, the Basic expert is forced, because of the limited material with which he is working, to give special care to the sense of the words before him. Contemporary English Version (CEV) Dios Habla Hoy (DHH) Good News Translation (GNT) ... FREE Classes on the Bible Free, world-class Catholic … 21 Indeed, the ways of each person are plain to the LORD’s sight; all their paths he surveys; e. 22 By their own iniquities the wicked will be caught, in the meshes of their own sin they will be held fast; 23 They will die from lack of discipline, lost because of their great folly. Versions of the Bible. There is no question of the Basic work taking the place of the Authorised Version or coming into competition with it; but it may be said of this new English Bible that it is in a marked degree straightforward and simple and that these qualities give it an independent value.Signs used in this book. Translating the Catholic Bible into English: During the 16thcentury, religious unrest against the Catholic Church had climaxed and the emergence of different Christian schisms was quickly on the rise in mainland Europe and Britain. Aramaic Bible in Plain English. I didn't particularly like this book. Even though this is the same topic as Mark 14:22-24 and Matthew 26:26-28, more Bible versions get this one wrong: the NLT, Aramaic Bible in Plain English, Douay-Rheims, CEV, and NWT. The numbers used for divisions of books and for verses are the same as in the Authorised and Revised Versions of the English Bible. Compare favorite verses in four translations. For more information, download the complete brochure about the translation process of GOD’S WORD. The hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in veiled language but tell you about the Father in plain words. Salem Media Group. In England, the The Roman Catholic Old Testament contains 46 books, as compared to the Protestant Bible’s 39 books, and the New Testament used by all Christians consists of 27 books. Learn about some of the major differences between the clear, natural English of GOD’S WORD Bible and other translations. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. The form in which the Bible is given here is not simply another example of the Bible story put into present-day English. eɪ ˈ r iː m z /; also known as the Rheims–Douai Bible or Douai Bible, and abbreviated as D–R and DRB) is a translation of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate into English made by members of the English College, Douai, in the service of the Catholic Church. Name Required. The language used is Basic English. Descriptions in understandable English. Proud member Often, it depends on the individual, his background in Bible … In this remarkable Bible Study (which is perfect for small community discussions, adult learning, youth ministry, or even for private use) the user is given a complete tour of the Bible from front to back. Download the Bible in Basic English. California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Kindly note that this site is maintained by a small group of enthusiastic Catholics and this is not from any Church or any Religious Organization. It's very readable. Basic English, produced by Mr C. K. Ogden of the Orthological Institute, is a simple form of the English language which, with about 1,000 words, is able to give the sense of anything which may be said in English. The goal of closest natural equivalence is to communicate as much of the source text as possible in a way that is usable for the type of readers that the original author targeted. How does the GOD’S WORD Translation Bible compare to other Holy Bibles? It is too long to go into the reasons for the Best, for not so good and for very poor Modern English Bibles. 4.6 out of 5 stars 522. But a few Bibles have several potholes worthy of mention. It is called function-equivalent translation. lexhamenglishbible.com Lexham English Bible is downloadable for Logos Bible Software, in plain text TXT, XML, ePUB, and more; free use with attribution. It is based on a vocabulary of 1200 common English words. The Roman Catholic Bible comes in 19 different English versions. Whole Famlily Catechesis in Plain English: Bill Huebsch [Twenty-Third Publications] DIOCESAN RESOURCE In additon to our team at the Office of Religious education, Mrs. Kate Coyne Price, Director of Religious Education at St. Pius X Parish in New Orleans, is a great resource on intergenerational ministry, offering many of these models at her parish. Arrives before Christmas. Written in today's English, this is very helpful for someone who is new to Christianity, and wants to understand what is going on. ... are used where it is no longer possible to be certain of the true sense of the Hebrew words, and for this reason no attempt has been made to put them into Basic. download the complete brochure about the translation process of GOD’S WORD. This version is based on a limited 3000 word vocabulary and everyday sentence structure - it … ( ) are used for marking additions put in for the purpose of making the sense clear. To quote one reader, "I have read the bible for many years in [other] translations, but never have I been so in love with the Word of the Lord since the NLT! Download the chart (available in both color and b/w) and please use the following credit: Bible Translation Guide, courtesy of God’s Word to the Nations Mission Society, Orange Park, FL 32067. It is a “meaning-for-meaning” translation – not “word-for-word”. God’s Word to the Nations Mission Society is a 501(c)(3), EIN 34-1405849. GOD’S WORD Translation Bible was produced using a theory of translation that combines accuracy with understandability. The specific richness and history of our Catholic faith can be found in several Roman Catholic Bible translations. How does form equivalence compare to closest natural equivalence? Comments Required. Asking yourself “which Bible should I read?” or “what Bible should I buy?” Our Bible comparison chart shows where popular Holy Bible translations fit along a spectrum from Word-for-Word to Meaning-for-Meaning to Thought-for-Thought to Paraphrase. Because of the problems associated with form-equivalent translation, another translation theory was developed. * 2 As it is written in Isaiah the Prophet, "Behold, I shall send my messenger before your presence to prepare your way. Review Subject Required. Working with the Orthological Institute, a Committee under the direction of Professor S. H. Hooke, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Studies in the University of London, has been responsible for a new English form of the Bible made from the Hebrew and the Greek. of the source language text, because it is often unnatural in the target language. The NLT adds the word "as a sacrifice" to the text, which isn't present and presents Christ's blood as if … 99. Basic English, produced by Mr C. K. Ogden of the Orthological Institute, is a simple form of the English language which, with about 1,000 words, is able to give the sense of anything which may be said in English. Frequently, the narrow limits of the word-list make it hard to keep the Basic completely parallel with the Hebrew and the Greek; but great trouble has been taken with every verse and every line to make certain that there are no errors of sense and no loose wording.

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